5 Must Health Home Gadgets

Technology is advancing rapidly in almost every field. In today’s time, we are fortunate enough to have medical health gadgets for quick diagnosis, for which earlier we had to run to the hospital. Not only does it cost us money but it also compelled us to take out significant time. Things are easier now. In this post we will list down five must health home gadgets in today’s scenario. Stay tuned!

  • Forehead and Ear Thermometer: – It doesn’t matter what age group of people you have in your home, the Forehead and Ear Thermometer will be useful to everyone in the house.

    It also uses infrared energy to measure body temperature from the forehead and the ear. The Thermometer Fore & Ear manufactured by Nuvita takes only a couple of seconds to detect the temperature. There is also red or green LED light for extremely high temperatures as a result of fever. Requires only 2 AAA batteries.
  • Wireless Smart Glucometer:A glucometer gadget is essential these days as the problems of blood sugar are rising rapidly. The one made by the IHealth is FDA approved and shows near accurate reading of the sugar levels.

    It records the data in a very organized manner and in color-coded data, charts, and graphs. There is a digital logbook that allows you to take note of other factors such as food and exercises, i.e. factors which can influence the readings.

    It is a pocket-sized gadget that can easily fit in the purse and the bags. You can even use it discreetly in public as the design is inconspicuous.
  • Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor: Just like the sugar problem, many people are getting diagnosed with the blood pressure problem in their 30s. And this is why blood pressure is now not associated only with the middle-age folks. The likes of Nokia BPM+ has a minimalist design that not only provides near accurate readings but also keeps the track organized for analysis.

    But that’s not all. Since it is wireless, therefore it can easily synchronize with the smartphone through Bluetooth.
  • Urinating device for women:Studies show that women are at severely high risk of contracting the UTI from the public toilets. Thanks to the discreet design, the Urinating device for women doesn’t look too conspicuous in the public and women can even use it while standing, without the need of removing their clothes.
  • Remote Cardiac Monitoring System:Patients with cardiac arrhythmias can easily be monitored by healthcare through the Remote Cardiac Monitoring System. The one manufactured by BodyGuardian Heart can also monitor other vital parameters like blood pressure, weight and the (SpO2).

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