About Us

Aswa2.com is an easy and secure marketplace platform for people to discover and shop the products they love

About the Brand

Aswa2 is an e-commerce marketplace that provides customers with a seamless shopping experience. Operating in Lebanon, our platform offers products from exceptionally renowned brands while contributing to charity through customer purchases.

We are committed to developing and nurturing a community that involves shoppers and merchandise providers simultaneously benefiting from our platform while they fulfill their social responsibility towards our community.

Customers shopping with Aswa2 benefit from an easy and reliable shopping experience as we are committed to transparency while merchandise providers meet their corporate social responsibility by using our platform for sales, which enables us to donate a portion of profits to charity.

Brand Story

Aswa2 cultivates an online community that enables merchandise providers and buyers to engage in an exchange through our platform. Merchandise providers benefit from the opportunity to move their presence to the online world, thereby reaching a wider audience while advancing their business.

Aswa2 provides customers with the convenience of online shopping, offering them a wide variety of product assortments from the most prominent brands in the market, delivered to their doorstep at a click of a button.

What sets us apart from other e-commerce platforms is the initiative we have taken to contribute a portion of our profits to charity. We aim to make a difference in our community enabling the sellers, buyers and ourselves to fulfil our social responsibility by transforming the regular process of buying and selling into a beneficial one.

Our Mission

Aswa2 aims to become a trusted online shopping platform that simplifies the shopping experience for customers providing them with convenience and transforming their everyday purchases into an opportunity to contribute to charities.

Our Vision

Aswa2 envisions a digital transformation optimizing customer experience and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility towards our society.


Our Values

Ethical Responsibility

As an online platform, we value the trust placed in us by our affiliates, brands and customers. Therefore, our core value is to operate in full transparency with the utmost ethical responsibility.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We aim to fulfil our corporate social responsibility on an advanced scale, therefore, we rely on the collective methodology where brands, sellers and buyers contribute together by selling and purchasing from Aswa2 to enable the e-commerce platform to give back to our community.

Quality Shopping Experience

At Aswa2, we value our customers and seek to provide them with an impeccable shopping experience that ensures quality from the moment they browse our site down to the moment of receiving their order, for that reason, we provide our customers with quality brands.

What can we do for you ?

Aswa2.com is an easy and secure marketplace platform for people to discover and shop the products they love.

We believe in fair, everyday pricing on authentic products you can trust and an exceptional shopping experience.

Variety of products with one click away, wherever you are & at your convenience.

Choose your preffered payment method, whether credit or cash on delivery.

Highly secured.

Enjoy fast delivery with Aswa2.com! Products can be delivered from 1-3 Days.

We’re always looking for ways to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Get in touch with us!

Selling with aswa2 is now really easy!

Start selling absolutely free. All you need is to register, list your catalogue and start selling your products.