Don’t Overlook These Three Factors While Choosing Hair Straightener

Choosing the right hair straightener for your hair can be a difficult task since it not only straightens your hair but can also make it curly. Hair straighteners are available in plenty of variety. Since they are not cheap, therefore it makes sense to buy the right one in the first go. And this is what this post will focus on. We will give you three easy factors which you should consider before buying a hair straightener.

  • Uneven heating: – If you are looking for a cheap hair straightener, you are likely to encounter problems such as uneven heating. The uneven heating will cause a lot of damage to your hair. The high-end hair straighteners don’t have this problem.

You also want to make sure that there are a few variations of heat setting so that you can control the heat depending on your type of hair. Temperature settings should be available in the range from 260 to 410 degrees.

  • Plates depending on the type of hair: – If you have fine hair, then the best plate would be the Ceramic plates. Ceramic has the property that allows it to distribute heat evenly. The plates coated with tourmaline will be good for fine hair.

If you have thick flocks, then you may require high settings, so that you can achieve the straightening in just one or two strokes at the maximum.

But when it comes to curly hair, you need to have a wide plate as they offer fantastic grip to a large section of hair at once. Tourmaline straighteners plate is very good for thick hair.

 If you have damaged hair, then we highly recommend you to get it normal before straightening them. However, if you are keen to straighten them any reason, the Tourmaline plates are an excellent choice

  • Price: – Needless to say, but the higher your budget, the more cost-effective your straightener will be in the long run. Cheaper hair straighteners like the one costing $20 are likely to damage your hair, as their plates are not made of reputed material that allows for evenly heating. A good quality hair straightener will cost you somewhere around $200.

Some of the popular hair straighteners are Mr. Barber Ultra Straits Hair Straightener, Corioliss iRed Titanium Styling Iron, Corioliss C1 Gold Paisley Hair Straightener and Braun Satin Hair 7 – ST 710 Hair Straightener with Active Ions & Iontec Technology for fine hair, thick hair, curly and damaged hair respectively.

Other functions

A flat iron with built-in comb teeth along with steam function will help wild and unruly tresses. Expect to have the likes of the temperature gauge, proper plates, and auto shut down feature with a high-end hair straightener.

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