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Retrak 4D+ Utopia 360 Degree Car Garage Augmented Reality Cards & VR Headset Bundle


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Get behind the wheel of your favourite classic cars with ReTrak’s new 4D+ Car Garage Augmented and Virtual Reality Bundle. It’s designed to work with the fully-featured Cars 4D+ app for a truly immersive experience. Just scan the cards with your preferred device and watch the vintage vehicles come alive in 4D. Features Use the back of the cards to create build a custom speedway as you get behind the wheel of your favourite vehicles in the fully immersive “Drive Mode” Fine tune your driving skills by creating a virtual obstacle course that incorporates tunnels, jump ramps, rings-of-fire and more Capture augmented reality photos and videos of the vehicles in your real-world environment.

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Brand: Retrak
Ideal For: Boys
Features: Fully-featured Cars | 4D+ App